Sustaining Our Parish


Stewardship reflects our values.

How we take care of our buildings and the grounds it inhabits, and how we take care of our friends and community are signs of the gratitude we have for God’s gifts. We are called to be stewards of this abundance and caretakers of God’s kingdom.

As Christians, we know that all we have received is from God. Everything on earth belongs to God, as we belong to God. In faith and love, we ask the Lord’s help and guidance to do his will. We pray for the wisdom and insight to understand the responsibility he has given us to take care of our gifts.

How Do We Sustain The Parish?

One of the basic responsibilities of the Vestry is to manage the resources and finances of the parish. In carrying out this responsibility, the Vestry provides oversight of the actual stewardship campaigns and provides support to other parish programs. Our Annual Homecoming in October is an early stewardship- related event which encourages new friendships and the re-kindling of acquaintances.

Sustaining in Three Modalities: Increasing Membership; Increasing Participation; and Increasing Financial Ability

The ‘Making Every Day Count’ Annual Giving Campaign is launched on September 19. Pledges are accepted year-round and can be fulfilled in many ways: check, weekly, monthly or your choice of payment schedules. We are in the process of implementing electronic payment process. The principle gathering and blessing of pledges will take place in worship on November 25th (Christ the King Sunday).

Please prayerfully consider making your pledge to support St. Mary’s in making every day count. For more information, please contact Stewardship Co-Chairs Kimberly Ellerbe and LaVerne Naughton, at, or you may leave a message for a return call at the parish office.

You may fill out the pledge form online here.

Annual Giving at St. Mary’s supports all our ministries. Generosity of our members grows these ministries. Giving flows from our relationship with God, our passions and our financial resources. Everyone is encouraged to over time move towards the Biblical proportion for giving 10%, known as the tithe. Most households begin with a smaller proportion and all pledges are valued as expressions of your committed stewardship.

Vestry’s Collect for Stewardship

God, who is the giver of every good gift, You are ever present in our lives and in the world. You act through us, your people, to care for and provide for everyone.

We pray for the courage to break out of our insecurity and fear around money as we deepen our understanding of our relationship to You and how we use our financial resources to do Your work in the world.

We pray these things that we might know You better, that You will increase our desire and ability to give and help others thru ministry and friendship and to gratefully commit ourselves to the work You have given us to do. AMEN